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20 Aug 2014

Labour's positive campaign video

New Zealand should be the fairest, most decent society in the world. We’re a small nation with a lot of resources. We have a culture of working hard and looking after each other. A fair go for everyone, and putting people first.

Our vision for New Zealand is that we regain that sense of community. That we work together in the interests of everyone, instead of just playing politics.

Right now that’s not the way things are going. Labour believes we can do better.

That we can be a country in which people matter most.

Labour has a positive vision for New Zealand - a New Zealand where there are enough secure, well- paid jobs, where every family can afford a warm, dry home, and where every Kiwi kid gets the best start in life.

Together, with a Labour-led Government, we can build a nation to be proud of.

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Authorised by Tim Barnett, 160 Willis St, Wellington.

Everything is absolutely fine

National's dirty politics

The unacceptable behaviour of those named in Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics, should be a wake up call to everybody who values our democracy in New Zealand. Not only have senior officials in the Prime Minister's office been implicated in the scandal, the emails the book is based upon also prove beyond a doubt that Minister’s themselves have been involved in totally underhanded and devious tactics that are entirely unacceptable!

Here are a few of the undemocratic things National and their propagandists have been up to:

We now know that the National party colluded with right wing blogger Cameron Slater to illegally access (hack) the Labour Party’s computers and that they used the private information gained to launch a smear campaign against Labour in the lead up to an election, that the Prime Minister's press secretary at the time, Jason Ede, informed Slater about sensitive SIS information and that John Key fast-tracked its release in order to damage opposition leader Phil Goff. We also had our suspicions confirmed that National regularly colludes with Slater and David Farrar to attack the opposition and that articles on Kiwiblog are written by National’s communications staffers and published under David Farrar’s name.

Perhaps the most concerning revelation however has been that Judith Collins released private information to Slater with the intention of it being published and in order to damage an Internal Affairs official named Simon Pleasants who later received death threats. Possibly with the Ministers help, Slater somehow manipulated corrections to shift an inmate to a remote prison, which resulted in the prisoners attempted suicide. Like Kiwiblog, National directly contributes much of the nasty content on Whale Oil Beef Hooked. It's also been shown that a number of right wing propagandists manipulate the iPredict system and then use those fake results to promote National party propaganda and that it’s likely Slater et al blackmailed Rodney Hide to resign because of the ‘dodgy texts’ he had sent to a young woman in 2011.

We also know that Slater promotes tobacco and alcohol interest with articles written by Carrick Graham, spin that is published under Cameron Slater’s own name. The publishing of these vicious attack articles is paid for by the tobacco industry to target academics in order to discredit their research. Furthermore, we have learnt that Slater and Simon Lusk run smear campaigns in National safe-seats to ensure their candidates are selected to stand, and that Mark Mitchell was one such client who was selected to stand and is now an MP. Last but not least, we have learnt that Slater employs the services of prostitutes in order to gain information he uses to blackmail and attack people online.

With an all too obvious association between Cameron Slater’s deviousness and the National party, I really don’t think John Key can simply bluff his way out of all this. Strangely enough that’s exactly what the Prime Minister appears to be trying to do…shrug it off like none of it matters. In my opinion, his tired old Crosby Textor script isn’t going to work this time because; despite a lack of proper coverage by some mainstream media outlets, a hell of a lot of people are really interested in National’s Dirty Politics.

The other claim John Key has made is that left wing parties have launched a smear campaign and aren’t interested in the issues that really matter. Anybody who compares the release and promotion of policy from the various parties will know that John Key’s claims are completely untrue. The idiot is also saying the opposition is somehow involved in the actual hacking and leaking of the Dirty Politics emails and that more people are interested in National’s cycle lanes. This is about as stupid as his claims that the Internet/Mana party was somehow involved in burning an effigy of the Prime Minister…it’s about as moronic as Slater jumping to conclusions and laying a police complaint against Kim Dotcom.

Clearly the National party had no idea what Nicky Hager’s book was about, which has resulted in the Prime Minister being left out in the cold and floundering for excuses. Unless he properly addresses the serious issues raised in Nicky Hager’s book by sacking Judith Collins to start with, he looks weak and set to drown in the political torrent of negative press that will likely ensure National is all washed up come election time.

19 Aug 2014

Judith Collins must go

We all know that the so-called Minister of Justice, Judith Collins, is a best mate with the blogger at the centre of the Dirty Politics scandal, Cameron Slater. Their unhealthy relationship has often been on public display, particularly on the discredited blogsite, Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

What we didn't know however until the release of Nicky Hager’s most excellent book, Dirty Politics, was just how unbelievably low these despicable individuals are willing to sink in order to try and discredit their presumed and actual enemies.

Today, Radio NZ reported:

'Higher standards' for ministers under Labour 
Mr Key is under pressure to fire Justice Minister Judith Collins, who gave the name of a public servant to blogger Cameron Slater.

The minister suspected the public servant, Simon Pleasants, had leaked information about Finance Minister Bill English double-dipping on his accommodation allowance. Mr Pleasants had not leaked any information, but was subject to abuse on Mr Slater's Whale Oil blogsite and also received death threats.

Not only has Judith Collins now changed her story about what information she actually gave to the National party propagandist, she was wrong in the first place about who exactly had leaked information on Bill English's double-dipping. That makes Judith Collins' underhanded actions much much worse, because she was in effect trying to destroy the wrong person.

Firstly the Minister was stupid enough to accuse somebody without any proper evidence of his or her involvement. She then used a hired blogger to attack Simon Pleasants, surreptitiously defaming a completely innocent person for something they didn't do. To top it all off, Cameron Slater then wrote a bunch of vexatious slander that was specifically designed to denigrate a public servant, who because of his position and contract wasn't able to speak out against the unacceptable treatment he received. Those disgusting posts that put Pleasants' life in danger were clearly written at the Minister’s request. Therefore she must resign.

What would the Minister say if one of Slater's idiot followers had actually harmed or killed the person she was incorrectly going after? Would she maintain, as she is doing, that Pleasants is still somehow to blame for the bad press Bill English's double-dipping received, and leaking his name to Slater so they could publicly vilify him was somehow justified?

Along with a raft of other reprehensible behavior not becoming of a Minister of the Crown, this should ensure that Judith Collins is gone before lunchtime. The only reason I can see for John Key not immediately dismissing the Minister is because Collins and/or Slater has damaging information about him…information that the Prime Minister will do anything to keep secret.

18 Aug 2014

Christchurch people treated like scum

Back in February 2011, when the Christchurch earthquakes devastated the city and John Key was promising people government assistance to rebuild, a number of unscrupulous companies started operating with the intention of making a lot of money from disaster capitalism.

Not only were these businesses intent on paying very low wages, providing the least amount of services they could and generally delaying the rebuild for as long as possible to extract their pound of flesh, these businesses were often assisted in their destructive agenda by government agencies.

That's one of the reasons Christchurch remains largely broken, with a lack of any state housing, astronomical rental costs and substandard accommodation all adding to people's woes. With dilapidated infrastructure leading to severe flooding and people living in tents, garages and caravans being commonplace, it's not hard to see that the National led government and the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority have entirely failed the good people of Christchurch.

To make matters worse, the National led government even took away people’s right to decide who represents them, ensured that insurance companies were bailed out while they failed to meet their lawful obligations to their clients and generally took a dysfunctional approach to the Christchurch rebuild. Furthermore, a lack of proper government assistance and investment also means that the council is now looking at selling assets just to pay the bills.

Why is this the case you might ask? After all, the Prime Minister promised to help out and the government had on paper budgeted a considerable amount of money for the rebuild. In fact it makes good economic sense to ensure that the garden city is reconstructed in a timely manner, because a proper rebuild would add considerably to New Zealand's economic recovery.

One of the reasons for a lack of progress is because of the current government's belief in the free market. This invariably means their neoliberal regime doesn’t fund socially beneficial policy and that's why there's been a complete avoidance on issues such as providing enough state housing in the region. However, the other reason for the government's failure is one that the Prime Minister's confidant and National party propagandist, Cameron Slater, communicates in recently released emails.

On Friday, Stuff reported:

Earthquake victims 'scum' says blogger

South Islanders are useless and East Christchurch earthquake victims scum, controversial blogger Cameron Slater allegedly says in emails disclosed by Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager.

Writing to his friend Peter Smith (not his real name) after the February earthquake, Slater says: "The place is f****d,  they should should just board it up and close it down."

Smith: A real tragedy, but it will f***k Labour for the election.

Slater: Yep blessings.

Slater: What i can't believe... is how we have to bail out those useless pricks in the sth island, again.’

Smith: I said to someone today National should let them rot, after all they are useless scum Labour voters especially in the areas where the earthquake hit..well hopefully more scum will labour voters will piss off to Australia (and) at least the uninsured get (f***ing) nothing.’

Slater: Those suburbs are hard core Labour...the owners will be Nat voters though and the voters tenants, so the houses are gone and the scum are gone too, and they should get nothing.

Today, the Prime Minister came out on Breakfast TV and tried to distance himself from the devious and nasty propagandist, Cameron Slater. Suddenly they're no longer best mates, with John Key not wanting his brand to be sullied by such an obviously sick individual. Unfortunately for the National party the association between Key and Slater will be difficult to explain away. The evidence clearly shows that the Prime Minister, John Key, is implicated up to his eyeballs in the scandal.

It wasn't that long ago that Teflon John was saying he was in regular contact with the discredited blogger. We now know that senior staff in the Prime Ministers office, namely Jason Ede, worked closely and extensively with Cameron Slater to anonymously attack their enemies online. In fact the sheer amount of smears Slater has run on behalf of the National party to try and discredit the people they don’t like is a good indication that John Key is involved. When you look at the facts, it's inconceivable that the PM himself wasn't aware of such despicable activity just two doors down from his Beehive office.

The facts speak for themselves; Christchurch, nearly four years after the earthquakes, remains broken with core services the government is meant to provide dilapidated or non-existent, and John Key's mate, Cameron Slater, was gloating at the time of the earthquakes about thousands of Cantabrian's lives being ruined and how this was a good thing for National. It appears that John Key’s failure to ensure the garden city is rebuilt or that earthquake victims are paid out shows that he agrees with his mate, Cameron Slater, when he says the good people of Christchurch are scum and should get nothing!

Thankfully there are other political parties to choose from that don’t hold such negative and destructive beliefs like the National party and their attack bloggers. I suggest that on September 20 you vote for them to change the government into one that Christchurch and indeed the entire country truly deserves.